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Say goodbye to the land that's become a distant burden, no longer bringing you joy.

Inherited a plot you never wanted? It's time to turn it into cash for brighter days ahead.

Escape the weight of never-ending property taxes that drain your wallet and peace of mind.

Stranded with land in the middle of nowhere? Let us guide you out of the maze, even if it's been sitting on the market for ages.

Seeking a hassle-free way to sell, without the headache of agent commissions and hidden fees?

Let us help you steer clear of all those pesky property problems.

If this strikes a chord with you, don't hesitate to reach out to us! Your journey toward relief begins here.

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Something about us

For you, who have land to sell in the United States, we’re here to make this process stress-free, advantageous, and above all, swift

Michelini Family understands the importance of achieving your real estate goals, and we’re ready to make your journey as enjoyable as possible.

We’re a family that comprehends your situation, and we’re ready to work alongside you. 

And if you wish to sell your land, we promise you the best price on the market and speedy cash payments, and most importantly, without stress.

Michelini Family isn’t just a Real Estate company; we’re your partner in achieving your goals. 

With passion and dedication, we commit to ensuring you an unparalleled experience, where your satisfaction is our utmost priority.

We consider ourselves happy if the sellers are happy!

Join the Michelini Family and discover how we can make the process of selling your land in the United States a simple and speedy experience. We’re here for you, ready to share our knowledge and dedication to help you sell your land quickly.

Why choose us?

With us, there’s absolutely no pressure to accept any offer. Every call you make or form you fill out will come with a commitment-free response, giving you the freedom to decide what’s best for you.

We’re not in the business of pushing deals or rushing processes. Our priority is getting to know you. Feel free to hold onto our offer, take all the time you need, and explore your alternatives. You’re welcome to return to us whenever you’re ready.

The Team

Mario & Kathia

Property Research, Due Diligence, Quotations

Josefa & Javiera

Documents, Payments, Quotations

How it works in 3 simple steps

1. You fill out the form,
we do property research!

You provide us with some basic information using our easy LandTwist form.

We will get in touch with you to ask you a few questions and automatically begin our property research, including:

  • zoning
  • permits
  • utilities
  • topography
  • access
  • easements
  • restrictions
  • buildability
  • and taxes.

2. Agreement

Once we have determined the property meets our buying criteria, we will contact you by phone or email to discuss the offer amount.

Once and if we have come to an agreement on the sale of your land, we will prepare and send you a purchase agreement.

We can mail you the agreement if requested. However, most people prefer the speed and simplicity of the very simple digital signature.

3. Property title examination
and get your cash fast!

Once we’ve received your signed agreement, we will begin our title examination on the property. 

Once we have completed our title examination and have established the land property title is clear, we will coordinate with you to set up closing. 

We will close the transaction with an attorney or a licensed and insured title company; we will handle all the details and costs of the transaction. 

There is no need to travel to complete the sale; it doesn’t get much easier.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is YES!

One of the fastest ways to sell your vacant land is to sell directly to buyers like us. We buy vacant land right from you with NO BROKER’S FEES.

You are NOT paying the closing fees. We offer to pay for all the closing costs!

We do the research the vacant land You Want to Sell.

Once we have got information on the parcel you want to sell, we will be analyzing the local market close to the point of interest and the characteristics of that property to determine whether it meets our buying criteria.

  • We will send you an offer for the property.
  • Once our research is done and the vacant land meets our buying criteria, we will take care of contacting you to discuss the price offer.
  • This will take between 24/36 hours, as long as you provide all the important details on the property you are interested to sell.
  • We define the date of the closing
  • Once we’ve agreed on the price offer, a purchase agreement will be sent to you via email.
  • After signing the purchase agreement, the final due diligence will be completed.
  • If there will be no issues discovered, a mobile notary or a title company/attorney in your area will be hired to handle the closing.
  • You Get Paid
  • We will be working closely with the professionals mentioned above to close as soon as possible and get your payment delivered quickly!

Well, why not?

Selling your vacant land directly to us, just cuts broker’s commission (around 6% average of sales price) and expenses related to the listing.

Our response will be way faster compared to the months you’ll probably have wait for a broker to find a buyer for your vacant land.

Don’t forget that WE cover all title and closing costs if we buy from you!

If you are looking to sell you vacant land quickly, you can sell it directly to buyers or land investors like us at any time – we buy vacant land all the time 365 days a Year!

You’ll find almost all the information we need on the vacant land you want to sell in our form.

Feel free to fill the form and send it to us.

You will be receiving a quote from us. In case additional information will be needed we will get in contact with you.

An example of what we would need:

Property owned by an LLC. Needed: Operation agreement that shows who the designated officers are;

Property held by a trust. Needed: Copy of the trust agreement that shows the trustees names;

Some or one of the original owner/owners passed away. Needed: Death certificate and in some instances, proof of probate;

All of the original owners passed away. Needed: Proof of probate indicating title has transferred to the heir;

First thing you need to do is subdivide the part you want to sell from the rest of the parcel.

You will have to check the County subdivision codes calling the County planning office to look at them. Each County can have different processes and regulations for the subdivisions of lots.

NO we are not. We buy vacant land, we are not Real Estate Agents. There’s no need of brokers to be involved if you sell your land to us, we buy directly from you.

Sometimes it can happen, if we see a good opportunity, to make an offer. Please if you’re a motivated seller, fill our form!

It is no needed unless you want to use one and we’ll be happy to collaborate with your Lawyer. We prepare and send all documentation needed for the closing.


When selling directly to us, you avoid:

Broker’s fees;

Advertising costs;

Listing fees;


All closing costs;

Title fees;

Recording/transfer taxes;

Document preparation fees.

YES. We will accept the property “as is,” we are responsible for due diligence on the vacant land.

It all depends on the value of the property:
For High-value vacant Land: we Title Companies.
Mobile Notary: It can be done through a Mobile Notary near you. We will send documents to the Notary and they will call you to schedule an appointment, meeting you at the location of your choosing, to check and notarize the deed with you.
Online Notarization: Process can be also done through an Online Notarization. We send you a PDF of the closing documents for you to get notarized online. Once we receive a signed copy of the notarized documents, we will immediately transfer you the purchase price and a reimbursement for the notary fees.

Transparency, good relationship and honesty are top priorities for us. As land investors, we do buy properties below the market value but we offer a fast and “headache-free” closing processes and we pay for all closing costs!
It is not always easy to establish a precise price for vacant Land, We value your property to sell by looking at:

  • County Property Appraiser information;
  • Comparables in the area;
  • Vacant Land features;
  • Our price will offer will be considering;
  • The costs we go through to buy your vacant Land;
  • The minimum profit we expect to receive when selling the lot ourselves.

Offer price comes after Due Diligence and property research. We do our best to find ways to make everybody happy.

Most of the time we try not to go above the budget we establish after our property research.

We do our market research based on:

  • Local/near/ZIP CODE area sales comparable;
  • Property characteristics.

We buy Vacant Land that for residential or recreational uses and we buy vacant land anywhere in the US.

We complete: Access (legal and physical), Back taxes, HOA information, Ownership information, Wetlands and flood zones, Zoning, Utilities, and Perc Test.

Our own search will verify if there are liens or impediments on the property.

If that’s the case, we will work with our title company to see what can be done to clear the title and help you find the resources you need to fix any title issues on the property you want to sell.

We can pay any back taxes for you but this will negotiated in the price offer on the property you want to sell.

If the amount owed is minimal, we can simply cover the cost, in other circumstances, we can pay the amount owed deducting the back taxes from the final sales price.

We generally purchase properties with legal and physical access but it’s an important part of our job to always consider all aspects of the property before deciding to buy or not.

We consider purchasing properties located in HOAs.

Send us the information on the HOA, annual fees (any back dues also).

We can discuss this together.

For us to consider to buy the Property, this has to go through probate in the County and must be done before you sell your vacant land to us.

Nothing special, we often find a copy of your deed in the county/municipal records.

You can call the the County clerk and ask for a copy if you need!

No No! We buy properties without utility connections also!

Anyway, if the property does not have the potential for connection to a public sewer, we will ask if a perc test has ever been done on the property.

We usually list properties based on Current or historical Market datas or we sometimes decide to keep it in our portfolio.

Are you ready?

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